Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let the data dump begin

Over both the short and the long term, I've been providing advice to friends as well as accumulating a store of knowledge for my own use.  Recently, I've experienced an uptick in requests for my advice.  I've also found myself wishing for a better record of some of the items I've previously encountered.  Enter this blog.

As an opening, I'll mention that in order to be able to edit the blog concurrently while also maintaining my normal browsing habits, I downloaded and installed Google's new browser, Chrome.  In particular, Google does not allow a user to access more than one Google account simultaneously from within a traditional browser.  I view this as a shortcoming of their offer.  Running a second browser gets around this, as it maintains a second, independent set of data and credentials.  Further, with Chrome, each tab has its own process.  I believe this allows Chrome to access more than one Google account at a time, as the data and credentials are separate for the separate tab processes.

The Chrome installation and behavior, however, I found disappointing.  At the start, rather than downloading the entire installation package, I was limited to downloading an on-line installer.  Running the installer, I found that it proceeds by installing the Google Updater.  Something I'd acquired in the past via Google Pack and blocked from loading on boot when it kept annoying me including with its resource consumption.

Perhaps most concerning, though, was to encounter all the warnings from my software firewall and security package, alerting me to just now deeply and pervasively Chrome was apparently hooking itself into my system.  Most software installations, including both Firefox and Opera, do not produce such warnings.  Perhaps it is simply that Chrome is not yet part of the security software's database of recognized software, but the details looked more pervasive.

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